All Things Tide

This was Proctor & Gamble's first-ever ad featuring a same-sex couple. The ad ran in Canada, but a petition was launched by fans in an attempt to bring it to the U.S. 

 Press: Ad Age, Logo

Award: LGBT network, Logo, named it the #1 LGBT Ad of 2014.

Stepmoms. We feel ya.

The LeBron Tweet

Tweeted during LeBron's Decision Part II, the tweet was instantly praised by the media ...and then within hours the brand took it down. They got nervous about the attention; fearing that they were choosing sides. The next day, LeBron went back to Cleveland.

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Shark Week

What happens when sharks watch Discovery Channel's Shark Week? Tide needed YouTube content fast. Written, sold, shot, and edited in just a few days on a Ramen noodle budget.

The Kentucky Derby

An extreme take on a demo video that ran across Tide's social pages during the Kentucky Derby.